[Mimedefang] Grandparent of filter process is fairly unique?

Kelly Jones kelly.terry.jones at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 13:02:55 EST 2008

I want to track an email from connect through disconnect. Using
mimedefang's temp directory doesn't quite work because it relies on
sendmail's queueID which isn't assigned until somewhat late in the
process, and the client may disconnect before getting that far.

Is the pid of mimedefang's filter process "fairly unique"?

My thought: mimedefang-filter's parent is mimedefang-multiplexor which
is pretty much fixed. However, multiplexor's parent is a sendmail fork
(not the "main" sendmail daemon), which changes w/ every connection.

I realize pids eventually repeat, but using the pid + pid creation
time should be fairly unique, no?

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