[Mimedefang] Multiple add: header:/ delete: header cmds

John Prenis john at cyber.com
Wed Dec 3 13:40:17 EST 2008

-> It's as if mimedefang is getting running updates from spamassassin:
-> "The score is 0.501-- No it's not - it's really 0.668. No, it's 0.751 -
-> no, 0.801."
-> Is this normal?
- Do you have any loops based on recipients that might be causing it to check
- the same message more than once?
- Regards,

Er, where would I look to find out? It doesn't seem to depend on "nrcpts" if that's what you
mean. (And I take it that this -isn't- normal.)

John Prenis
Systems Administrator, CyberSoft, Inc.

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