[Mimedefang] all_spam_to and mimedefang - accessing envelope sender addresses

Mark G. Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Fri Aug 15 14:12:19 EDT 2008


My SpamAssassin all_spam_to listed recipients are still getting spam
filtered on messages they are BCC'd on. I take it SpamAssassin
uses TO/CC/BCC fields to match on all_spam_to. When SpamAssassin is
run via MimeDefang though, I'd think MimeDefang could and probably
does make accessible envelope recipient information to SpamAssassin.

Is there some way I can use spamassassin rules to match the envelope 
recipient instead of TO/CC/BCC headers, for recipient-specific rules
like all_spam_to?  Alternatively, does anyone have any examples of
accomplishing this in mimedefang-filter (via filter_recipient?)?
I see the example in mimedefang-filter(5), but I really just want
to bypass all SpamAssassin tests for some given list of possible 
recipients, or compensate the score.

Sure, I could configure sendmail to stick it in a header, then use a 
SpamAssassin header rule, but then that would disclose BCC recipients.

There are really two related things I'd like to accomplish:

- Whitelist all inbound messages to certain recipients, using envelope
   information instead of TO/CC/BCC headers.

- Be able to accept a whitelisted recipient copy, but still reject
   for other recipients of that same message.

I don't care whether I perform these things in mimedefang-filter or in
a SpamAssassin rule.

I think I remember mention of being able to do the second thing with
sendmail-8.14.x milter support (I'm still running 8.13.8), but I don't
remember the specifics and am guessing others here have probably already 
done this, so any pointers to details or examples would be very welcome.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at Misty.com)
voice: 215-591-3695

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