[Mimedefang] customizing quarantine notification

jef moskot jef at math.miami.edu
Fri Aug 8 12:43:04 EDT 2008

On Fri, 8 Aug 2008, Joseph Brennan wrote:
> $QuarantineSubject = "$VirusName from $Sender";

Perfect.  Thank you for tolerating my newbishness.

> MD puts [quarantine notifications] into the client-mqueue, so they get
> mailed when the queue runner runs.  One solution would be to run that
> very very frequently during debugging.  It's the sendmail with the -Ac
> option.

I found the notifications hiding there just a little while ago.  I've been
kicking the queue repeatedly, but thanks to your help, I can stop
experimenting with the Subject line.  More trial, less error.

Now I'm looking into modifying the body of the messages.  For some reason,
the first few lines of the header are missing their newlines.

Jeffrey Moskot
System Administrator
jef at math.miami.edu

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