[Mimedefang] defang script using chown or chgrp

Jan-Pieter Cornet johnpc at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 30 09:18:50 EDT 2008

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 08:22:44AM +0100, Jon Rowlan wrote:
> > I suppose at this point it's a lot easier to just setup some local
> > accounts, and let mimedefang add a recipient specific for the domain,
> > using add_recipient. No need to chown/chmod etc, mail.local will
> > handle everything for you.
> > You also don't need to do anything special to let the users access the
> > email, any pop/imap/webmail server would do.
> I don't deliver to local recipients currently Jan, all mail goes off to
> remote servers. Does that mean that I use mimedefang to add a recipient
> and then use something like procmail to deliver locally. Should
> mail.local mean something? I am a little lost here ...

Yup, you'll need to setup something that can deliver mail locally.
sendmail comes with a "mail.local" that does that, but procmail can
do the same. You could test with "mail -v SOME_LOCALACCOUNT".

Once that works, delivering to such an account is easy, just
put ``add_recipient($localaccount)'' in the mimedefang-filter
perl script where you currently have all the cp/chown/chmod etc.
Possibly add_recipient($localaccount . '@' . $localhostname),
with $localhostname set to a name that your local mailer accepts
as local.

If you have your sendmail configured to send _everything_ remote,
you might need to read up on the settings of LOCAL_RELAY or MAIL_HUB
and change them accordingly.
(in the "README" in the sendmail cf dir, sometimes called cf.README)

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