[Mimedefang] defang script using chown or chgrp

Jan-Pieter Cornet johnpc at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 29 04:17:09 EDT 2008

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 07:32:45AM +0100, Jon Rowlan wrote:
> >> When I issue 
> >> system('cp', 'INPUTMSG', "/mailstore/$recipient/$MsgID");
> this whole exercise is simply to give my users
> access to a bucket of their awaiting emails for when their internet
> connection/server is down. These are in no way expected to be long term,
> eventually their mail will be delivered normally.

I suppose at this point it's a lot easier to just setup some local
accounts, and let mimedefang add a recipient specific for the domain,
using add_recipient. No need to chown/chmod etc, mail.local will
handle everything for you.

You also don't need to do anything special to let the users access the
email, any pop/imap/webmail server would do.

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