[Mimedefang] Re: Mimedefang sending huge return via socketmap

Michiel Brandenburg apex at prezent.nl
Fri Apr 25 09:52:59 EDT 2008

David F. Skoll wrote:
little background information:

while sending very large replies via socketmap to sendmail, sendmail 
does not seem to receive the whole reply at once, but in multiple calls. 
  All response are correctly formatted.

>> I never got a response from Dave at roaring pengiun looking into the issue.
> Oops, sorry!  Must have slipped through the cracks.
No problem it does not seem to effect a lot of ppl, I could only find 
one post about this problem on the list.

> Do you know approximately when the problem occurs?  at 8kB? 64kB?  More?
mimedefang wants to send 4040 characters, but sendmail receives only 
3664.  Sendmail receives a correctly formatted socketmap response 
containing the length, the code, body and the terminating "," char
( 3664:OK <body>, ).

My theory is that some data seems to still exist on the STDOUT of the 
child process.  This is read by the next call to the socketMap, leading 
to strange results, childs being misunderstood results of other 
processes garbled etc. Not only strange results but wrong things could 
be returned too.  One is "6:tock 0," and another is the rest of the 
message above split over 2 responses. The size of the possible responses 
are 379 and 1143 nearly aways ofc you mileage may vary.

I have tested the same setup with a Net::Server socketmap implementation 
  and there all works fine. I have not started to look at the source of 
mimedefang but will help out if needed.

With kind regards,

Michiel Brandenburg

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