[Mimedefang] accept, then scan?

Adam Lanier adam at krusty.madoff.com
Fri Sep 21 13:01:17 EDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 09:43 -0700, Andy Lyttle wrote:
> > I had this issue as well, but it wasn't SA that was the culprit, it  
> > was
> > ClamAV.
> In my case it's not ClamAV, it's SA.  I'm using clamd, so if  
> something is taking too long there, "top" will show clamd taking 99%  
> CPU, but the problem I'm having is mimedefang.pl taking 99% CPU.  I  
> added some code to print log messages, and confirmed that SA is  
> definitely the problem - sometimes it takes only a second or two to  
> run, but sometimes it takes 90 seconds or more.

What version of SA are you running?   I've seen some talk on the SA
mailing lists regarding slow execution times on the more recent SA

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