[Mimedefang] accept, then scan?

Andy Lyttle mimedefang at phroggy.com
Fri Sep 21 12:53:56 EDT 2007

> Of course, but you should not delete the message afterwards. Or, God
> forbid, create some kind of delivery status notification. You can
> save it to a spam folder, but nobody checks it and a false positive
> will not be noticed by anyone.

I already am using a system-wide spam folder for messages scored over  
15, and a per-use spam folder for messages scored over 5.  Most of my  
users understand that they should look through their own spam folder  
periodically, especially if they suspect a false positive.  The  
system-wide one, I don't normally look through, but it's there in  
case I get a complaint.

I do not generate a bounce message.  Bad bad bad.

> 1. Limit a message size for spamassassin.

Already done, but one of the problem messages is only 27k, and  
limiting SA to less than that probably won't be useful.

> 2. Disable or at least limit the number of DNSBL queries.

I don't think SA's DNSBLs are the problem, because SA is causing  
mimedefang.pl to use 99% CPU for several minutes.  If it was a DNSBL  
issue I would expect CPU usage to be negligible while waiting for the  
DNSBL to respond.

> 3. Maybe it is bayes journal syncing that long - consider turning
>    automatic syncing off and syncing it for example from cron. Or
>    real database bayes backend (ie. PostgreSQL).

I'm not using Bayes at all.

> I'm using MIMEdefang on PentiumII 350Mhz, 256MB RAM. Beat that ;-)

Impressive.  The machine I'm having trouble with is a dual PII/300  
with 512MB RAM.

> It will not help it it is DNS blacklist check taking so long.

As I said, I don't think that's the issue, but I am setting  
"skip_rbl_checks 1" in sa-mimedefang.cf, and we'll see if that makes  
any difference.

~ Andy

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