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Matt matt at beyondzero.net
Wed Sep 12 13:31:16 EDT 2007

On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 01:24:24PM -0400, Cormack, Ken wrote:

> The response I got from management was "that's just a funny-money number",
> it doesn't respresent anything "tangible".  Remember from the earlier thread
> this week, I'm the guy that lost the battle with management to preserve our
> legacy filters in favor of their "magic quadrant" commercial pick.  There
> are some battles you just cant win.
> Just a heads-up.

Yep, been there.  In the business parlance, the terms I hear are "cost
avoidance" and "cost cutting".  Most senior management doesn't care
about or reward "cost avoidance" since basically you are saying "look
at how much money I did NOT waste."

The response tends to be "it is your job to avoid cost, if you want to
impress me, find a way to cut existing costs..."

The only success I've had with getting cost avoidance to be noticed is
when it is placed side-by-side with what equal competitors are
spending, i.e. we spend $10K a year preventing malware from getting on
the network, and our biggest competitor spends $100K, etc....


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