[Mimedefang] No auth_ info from sendmail?

Andy Lyttle mimedefang at phroggy.com
Sat Sep 8 18:25:25 EDT 2007

> I've run into a strange problem.  We're running MIMEDefang 2.62 and  
> sendmail 8.14.1.  I'm trying to use the $SendmailMacros 
> {'auth_type'} macro in mimedefang-filter.  But, it rarely seems to  
> be set.  I've tried accessing it in filter_sender, after a call to  
> read_commands_file(), and also, in filter_end, with no call to  
> read_commands_file().  But, the auth_ macros almost never are set.   
> Has anyone run across this before? Thanks.

I call this in filter_sender:

   return ('CONTINUE','OK') if($SendmailMacros{'auth_authen'});
   return ('CONTINUE','OK') if($ip eq '');

No problems so far.

~ Andy

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