Commercial filtering (was Re: [Mimedefang] ADMINISTRIVIA:Out-of-office replies)

David F. Skoll dfs at
Fri Sep 7 16:07:52 EDT 2007

Cormack, Ken wrote:

> This attitude, I think, got very deeply ingrained in them back in the early
> days of the SCO lawsuit threat, and they were afraid of potential liabilites
> assigned to any "Open Source"/GPL-type stuff.

That's ironic, given that Iron Mail is running FreeBSD plus a bunch of
open-source tools and some proprietary bits (as are most anti-spam

> I decided I'd best just be a "Yea, Team!" Player and accept the
> solutions being brought in.

Ah, well.  Good luck.  I hope you either find a way to enjoy your
current work environment or find a better and more rewarding one.



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