[Mimedefang] Mail Restrictions with sendmail and mimedefang

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Sep 6 06:13:13 EDT 2007

On Jan 27,  9:57am, "Indunil Jayasooriya" wrote:
} Then, Could you pls tell me that is it possible to FORWARD (send)  a
} copy of all outgoing emails to an email address like
} mailoutgoing at example.com
} Is such a thing possible with Mimedeang ?

     This is extremely basic and is covered in the mimedefang-filter
man page.  Basically, you have to define what "outgoing emails" means
(in sendmail's view of the world, mail comes in, gets processed, and
goes out again).  Then in filter_end() you do something like

if ($outgoing) {
  add_recipient("mailoutgoing at example.com");

$outgoing is a variable that you set according to whether it is
"outgoing emails".

}-- End of excerpt from "Indunil Jayasooriya"

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