[Mimedefang] AV Scanning Method : WAS : (no subject)

Mack roaringpenguin.com at bass-speaker.com
Tue Sep 4 18:30:27 EDT 2007

>We'll make sure the future method of virus-scanner integration indicates
>which scanner found a virus.

Thank the gods, currently i'm using the top lvl scan for the generic
scanners (all) and then if summit found, drilling into each AV engine to
find out what (if anything) they found (resource intensive - But hey, anyone
noticed general virus traffic has decreased, yet spam gone up!)

Since of course AV engines record the names differently (damn typical) , I
need to know which engine recorded it for the stats logging.

I use a DB setting to allow MD to report the virus name from the primary
engine if found, else a secondary engine. (allows group by in the stats)

This will of course speed things up, and reduce redundant scans.. (i guess
pure laziness not modding the code, but i guess i'm lazy and will carry on
being so till you introduce a 'Add Boilerplate at Start' function!!!!



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