[Mimedefang] Redhat path-variable is missing in the init-script ..

Fred de Brouwer brouwer.f at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 19 08:50:12 EDT 2007

I am building a new system running Redhat Fedora 7 and found mimedefang 
is failing to start using the provided init script

The startup error mentions the "mimedefang.pl" script was not found at 
line 163. While checking the init-script I found that the script was not 
started including the $PROGDIR variable. Also the directory 
"/usr/local/bin/" (where it is located) is missing in the $PATH 
variable, which does explain the given error.

I reckon this can be updated in the next release.

[..-2.63/redhat] fdb$ diff mimedefang-init.in-org mimedefang-init.in
<     mimedefang.pl $([ -n "$SUBFILTER" ] && echo "-f $SUBFILTER") -test 
 > @SPOOLDIR@/configtest.out 2>&1
 >     $PROGDIR/mimedefang.pl $([ -n "$SUBFILTER" ] && echo "-f 
$SUBFILTER") -test > @SPOOLDIR@/configtest.out 2>&1

Kind regards,

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