[Mimedefang] Re: FreeBSD/NetBSD mimedefang startup files

Wes Peters wes at opensail.org
Thu Oct 18 12:35:56 EDT 2007

On Oct 18, 2007, at 9:12 AM, Jan-Pieter Cornet wrote:

> While looking for a nice way to start mimedefang on our new
> FreeBSD 6.2 cluster, I came upon John Nemeth's submissions to the
> list last august. However, these scripts are completely different
> from the default init-script as supplied by MIMEDefang itself.
> The disadvantage is that it's no longer possible to use the nice
> configuration parameters, like MX_RECIPIENT_CHECK or MX_USER,
> which make the startup process much more managable.
> So, I decided to take the standard init-script, and turn it into
> something that can be dropped into FreeBSD's /usr/local/etc/rc.d
> directory, with a minimal amount of changes.
> I came up with the attached set of patches. This minimally
> changes the init-script (putting the "reread" in a function),
> stays completely backwards compatible with the current script,
> yet it's a fully operational FreeBSD/NetBSD startup script.
> The only configuration it needs (if running on FreeBSD), is
> a mimedefang_enable=YES in your rc.conf file. (or mimedefang=YES
> on NetBSD). But you'd expect that anyway, if you're on FreeBSD/NetBSD.
> The 'rest' of the configuration goes into the mimedefang default
> of /usr/local/etc/mimedefang/mimedefang.conf, and not in rc.conf,
> like John's script. However, you can use the easy environment  
> variables
> to config it, and nobody needs to change the startup script, so it
> can be replaced on upgrades, etc.
> So I suggest that either this patch is incorporated into the FreeBSD
> port version, or better yet, that a FreeBSD example init script is
> provided by MIMEDefang, or possibly even change the provided init
> script with these patches :)
> Comments welcome, of course. (However, since I'll be in Rome for a  
> long
> weekend, I won't respond until monday...)

I'll drop this into my installation and do some testing.  If David  
wants to include your script in the Mimedefang distribution, that  
would rock, otherwise I'll put your patches into the FreeBSD port kit.

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