[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang versus CanIt-Pro versus Barracudas?

James Ralston qralston+ml.mimedefang at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Nov 29 18:32:13 EST 2007

Not strictly a MIMEDefang-related question, but...

Is anyone currently using CanIt-Pro or CanIt-Domain-Pro?  Do those
products offer the same flexibility as MIMEDefang in terms of being
able to hook into sendmail via milter?  How well do the per-recipient
Bayesian filters, whitelists, et. al. work?

I'm being pushed by management to abandon our sendmail+MIMEDefang
system in favor of Barracuda appliances.  But because Barracudas don't
intercept during the SMTP dialog (which is the only safe place to
reject in terms of not generating backscatter), going with Barracudas
would mean that no sender would ever receive a DSN from us for any
reason, because we'd have to configure all downstream mail servers to
silently discard messages that couldn't be delivered (rather than risk
generating backscatter).

I'm loathe to completely break such a fundamental aspect of mail
delivery, so I'm wondering if CanIt-Pro would give us some of the
"bullet points" of Barracudas but still retain the deep milter
integration goodness...

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