[Mimedefang] MD-Quarantine spool on NFS?

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Tue Nov 6 11:28:51 EST 2007

    I run two incoming MXs for the various domains that we own and host 
for others.  When MD quarantines a message by mistake, I will go into 
the quarantine folder and manually release it to the recipient.  My 
issue is that I have to make a note every time as to which server that 
quarantine message came from, so I can then log into the correct one to 
release the message.  So, the question is, can I stick MD-Quarantine on 
an NFS share (at least for one of the servers) so I only have to log in 
to one every time?

    Is there a possibility that one MX might write quarantined data and 
by shear luck have the other trample over the same folder because it 
happened at the same time? (something that can easily be fixed I would 
think.)  Is there something else I'm not thinking off that may cause 

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