[Mimedefang] Current state of Mimedefang and Clamd

Bill Maidment bill at maidment.vu
Fri Mar 16 07:05:10 EDT 2007

On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 12:35:52 +0200, Yizhar Hurwitz wrote
> HI Bill.
>  > From: "Bill Maidment" <bill at maidment.vu>
> > No major problems with 0.90.1 on FC5 and FC6 both 32bit and 64bit, with and without
> > experimental. Just minor configuration slip-ups on my part and a patch needed for
> > mimedefang-2.61 (see mimedefang wiki).
> Can you be more specific.
> I didn't find the patch you mentioned in mimedefang wiki.
> Can you also describe the minor configuration slip-ups that you 
> recommend for Fedora+MD+Clam090.1 ?

Sorry. My bad. I meant clamav wiki

The most important slip-up was not setting (in clamd.conf)
AllowSupplementaryGroups yes
so that clamav would run correctly under user defang

Bill Maidment
Maidment Enterprises Pty Ltd

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