[Mimedefang] Renaming attachments in multipart messages

Damrose, Mark mdamrose at elgin.edu
Wed Mar 14 11:34:01 EDT 2007

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> From: Karl Boyken

> The man page for mimedefang-filter advises against using 
> action_defang inside filter_multipart.  So, is there a way to 
> rename attachments to multipart messages?  Thanks.

All messages with attachments are multipart (unless it's uuencoded, but
that's another whole kettle of fish).

As an example: a typical message with attachment will be

The multipart/related body will have two parts - multipart/alternative
and the attachment.

The multipart/alternative body  will have two parts - text/plain and

Mimedefang will call filter_multipart for the multipart/related and the
multipart/alternative, and will call filter for the text/plain,
text/html and the attachment.

You need to test in filter to see if this is an "attachment", and then
call action_defang.

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