[Mimedefang] Re: Plug-in to transcode messages

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Wed Mar 7 16:38:26 EST 2007

Klaus Meyer wrote:
> Hello list,
> we are using outlook as email client in our company. Outlook is configured to determine the encoding of the email automatically. 
> If an email is send without special characters (öäüÖÄÜ) outlook choose us_ascii as encoding. Now i append a textboilerplate with mimedefang 
> with contains such special characters. The receiving client does not see this special characters because the content-type of the email is not iso-8859-1.
> I tried to change the header with action_change_header("Content-Type","text/plain;\n\tcharset=\"iso-8859-1\""); but mimedefang rebuilds the header with us_ascii
> Logfile:
> mimedefang.pl[27331]: filter: l276ug8J027333:  append_text_boilerplate=1
> sendmail[27333]: l276ug8J027333: Milter change: header  Content-Type: from text/plain;\n\tcharset="us-ascii" to text/plain;\n\tcharset="iso-8859-1"
> sendmail[27333]: l276ug8J027333: Milter change: header  Content-Type: from text/plain;\n\tcharset="iso-8859-1" to text/plain;\n\tcharset="us-ascii"
> sendmail[27333]: l276ug8J027333: Milter change: header  MIME-Version: from 1.0 to 1.0
> sendmail[27333]: l276ug8J027333: Milter change: header  Content-Transfer-Encoding: from 7bit to 7bit
> sendmail[27333]: l276ug8J027333: Milter message: body replaced
> sendmail[27333]: l276ug8J027333: Milter add: header: X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.61 on
> Any clues how i can manage this problem? I do not want to change the behavior of outlook because we have about 800 clients.
> Thanks for help.
> Klaus

Which goes to my point about broken MUA's sending out
useless encodings other than the trinity of usascii/latin1/

Reminds me of the days at McGill working on an Internet/
Bitnet gateway that had to map ASCII to/from EBCDIC...
20 years later, and we're solving the same problem because
IBM...  I mean Microsoft...  is too arrogant to play well with


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