[Mimedefang] Spamassassin Integration Question

mimedefang-admin at spiresfamily.com mimedefang-admin at spiresfamily.com
Fri Mar 23 13:44:02 EDT 2007

I've been using MIMEDefang for about 6months exclusively to do a recipient 
check against my Cyrus LMTP mailbox store.

I would now like to disable my spamass-milter and use MIMEDefang, and if 
all I wanted to do was swap 1 for 1 I'm sure I could figure it out form the 
archives and MIMEDefang Documentation.

However, I'd like to do a couple things extra.

I would like to allow authenticated messages to be sent form the server 
without Spam or Virus tags added to the message.  (Again I've seen plenty 
of examples of how to do this).

However, I would still like to have the message scanned and I would like to 
be notified if the message being sent out would be flagged as spam.  This 
way if one of my users is sending spam I would know, or more likely if one 
of my users is sending valid messages that would be tagged as spam I could 
help correct they way they compose their message or work with them to get 
their messages not tagged as spam.

Is this reasonable, or should I just ignore 'authenticated' senders sending 

Many thanks in advance!


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