[Mimedefang] Re: Spam/Ham Backup ?

Yizhar Hurwitz yizhar at mail.com
Sun Jun 24 12:26:55 EDT 2007

HI Graham.
> From: Graham Murray <gmurray at webwayone.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: [Mimedefang] Re: Spam/Ham Backup ?
> Yizhar Hurwitz <yizhar at mail.com> writes:
>> * Attaching the spamassasin report isn't a good idea for the ham/spam trap,
>> because it is dificult to remove it later for training.
>> It is better to add headers that have the wanted information instead -
>> that way it will not confuse the end user.
> Not so. The sa-learn program used for training removes/ignores the
> markup (including the report) which spamassassin has added to the
> message. Also when using spamassassin --report, any spamassassin markup
> is removed before submitting the spam to spamcop, razor and pyzor.

Well, I know that SA removes the markup that it has added,
but in this case the report is attached by MimeDefang and not SA,
so how can SA know that it should ignore it?
Can you also tell me which headers are ignored by sa-learn?
I didn't find this info in "man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf",
because as far as I understand, it relates to headers that SA adds and 
not 3rd party like MD.

Thanks for your comments.

Yizhar Hurwitz

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