[Mimedefang] Help with SA within MD

scuba at centroin.com.br scuba at centroin.com.br
Fri Jun 15 13:44:27 EDT 2007


	I discovered these kind of entries in the maillog file:

Jun 15 14:40:43 host1 mimedefang-multiplexor[60925]: Slave 13 stderr: 
seek() on closed filehandle $tmpfile at 
line 273. 

Jun 15 14:40:43 host1 mimedefang-multiplexor[60925]: Slave 13 stderr: 
readline() on closed file handle $tmpfile at 
line 274.

- Marcelo Souza

 On Fri, 15 Jun 2007, Mark G. Thomas wrote:

|On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 12:51:33PM -0400, Jason Bertoch wrote:
|> On Friday, June 15, 2007 11:44 AM scuba at centroin.com.br wrote:
|> > 
|> >  	The host that does not have the problem, is running FBSD 6.1 and
|> > Perl 5.8.8, that's the basic difference.
|> > 
|> There were a number of posts on the SA mailing list regarding rule issues
|> (especially SARE rules) when running perl 5.8.5 and SA 3.2.0.  At this point, I
|> believe the affected rules have been rewritten.  Getting the latest updates with
|> sa-update should take care of the stock rules.  The SARE site, among others, has
|> recently been under a DDoS attack so you may not have the latest updates there
|> but the dostech channel is still available.
|At least in my case, the incompatible rules were an intial contributor to
|the performance problem, but even after I removed the couple SARE rules which 
|were generating the floods of logged error messages, I still had massive 
|performance problems with 3.2.0, relative to 3.1.8 which was fine.
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- Marcelo

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