[Mimedefang] OT: Rules Du Jour - rulesemporium.com vanished -under attack?

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Fri Jun 8 08:06:27 EDT 2007

>> Anyone know what's up?  Is this a spammer reprisal attack or something?
> Seems so. There's a thread over on users at spamassassin.apache about it.
> There sparse clueful post in that thread mentioned this:

RulesEmporium is down due to the recent DDoS.  I've personally confirmed 
this with Dallas.

The DDoS seems to be Spammers using the Storm Bot network to take down the 
people and networks that support several antispam projects.

As a boutique ISP that was taken down with just shy of half a gigabit per 
second in Syn floods, I can tell you that the last few days has not been 
fun.  Other ISPs are still down or just recovering.

In several cases, the outage took out entire networks and unfortunately, 
there will (and have) been people who are simply being disconnected by their 

In short, this was a massive blow of just outright cyber-terrorism.


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