[Mimedefang] "Command unrecognized" when doing tempfail

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Mon Jun 4 09:45:54 EDT 2007

Hi Dave,
after doing some packet analisis in wireshark and could determine that
indeed I'm talking to a Cisco router.
So my connection is:
my smtp server -> ISP cisco -> remote smtp server

I'm now trying to contact again the ISP admin regarding this issue.

Another smtp "servers" where I get the same problem is when a troyan/virus
from botnet is sending me spam. I conclude that those botnet servers are 
their ISP routers.

Thanks again

Dave O'Neill wrote:
> If it's on your end, disable it ("no fixup protocol smtp 25" at your
> Cisco prompt, I believe).  If it's on the sender's end, there's not much
> you can do about it.

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