[Mimedefang] Re: Potential SA Problem for load_scoreonly_sql

Danny Kjærgaard danny at resennet.dk
Mon Jun 4 05:53:21 EDT 2007


This i the same problem i tried to describe in the post :"spamassassin 
whiltelist in mysql problems", i makred it solved as i didnt test it 
propperly. I did send 50 mails throu and i all worked so i didnt test it 
more at that point. However i see now that this isnt solved. And like you i 
can see its pretty random if the rules get loaded or not. In 50-70 mails it 
might be totally random, and sometimes its like 10-30 mails in a row thats 
whitelisted flase.

We dont have much load on MD and the sql server is like 99% idle all the 


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