[Mimedefang] Re: MIMEDefang Digest, Vol 45, Issue 22

Yizhar Hurwitz yizhar at mail.com
Thu Jun 28 15:02:17 EDT 2007


> On the exchange server, it only knows about one domain, let's say abc.com.
> On the MD server, I have sendmail with a virtusertable file that points abc.net to %1%3 at abc.com.
> My hopes is to use the MD Server to allow as many domains to be used interchangeably without changing a single thing on the exchange server.

I know that this is not what you've asked for,

but I think that the best answer is:

Configure the Exchange server with all the needed addresses and domains,

this can be an easy and simple task - you can use Recipient Policies.

Configure the MD machine to check recipients against the Exchange server,

either using an LDAP script to update an access file on the MD machine,

or using a cached version of md_check_against_smtp_server,

So - why should you rewrite the recipient addresses, instead of 
forwarding them as is?

> I then have an access file that says kmcgrail at abc.com is valid.

Yet another approach - instead of the access file you already have with 
the valid recipients database,

you can use a text file (or some kind of simple DBM file),

with the addresses, and let MD check recipients against that file 
instead of Sendmail.

Yizhar Hurwitz


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