[Mimedefang] Saving selected attachs on disk?

Fernando Gleiser fgleiser at cactus.fi.uba.ar
Sun Jun 17 19:24:59 EDT 2007

I'm having this problem: one of my customers wants to automate some tasks
for remote clients whose only internet access is for email.

They want every email sent to a special account to be inspected for
.xml attachs and save them to disk where the main application will process

I know it can be easilly done with MD, but I'm not sure about how I can do it.

The function's logic is very simple:

if ($Recipient == "magicaccount at domain) {
 	if (attach has xml extension) {
 		save attach to disk
 	} else {
 		discard message;

 	deliver message;

the part I'm nor sure about is how do I get the file's name from $entity

I thought about reading action_replace_with_url 's code and modifying it
to fit my needs. Is it a good idea or are there better ways to do it?

Thanks in advance.


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