[Mimedefang] SpamAssassin-3.2.x performance?

Mark G. Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Fri Jun 15 10:53:10 EDT 2007


I know this is the Mimedefang list and not the SpamAssassin list, but
it seems like so much discussion on the SpamAssassin list is about 
people trying to sort out their Linux rpms and other very basic installation
questions, I'm more optimistic someone here might have useful input on this 

I'm running Mimedefang-2.61/sendmail-8.13.8 on a handful of Solaris-9
servers handling several hundred thousand messages per day.

I tried upgrading from SpamAssassin-3.1.8 to 3.2.0, but within a couple days
had to back down to 3.1.8 due to load problems.  Mimedafang processes that
were previously only using CPU for as much as several seconds scanning a 
message were taking much longer, and the systems kept getting overloaded and
deferring connections.  It was strictly a CPU issue, not memory or disk I/O.
At the time I saw some Spamassassin postings about 3.2.0 having more rules 
and worse performance, but I went from great to terrible here.  I know 
3.2.1 has a number of bug fixes, but it isn't clear to me whether any of 
the changes would have much positive impact on performance.  Has anyone 
else in a mimedefang production environment processing any significant 
amount of mail had similar SpamAssassin upgrade load experiences?  
Running SpamAssassin manually on a given message took much longer with 
3.2.0, but I didn't dig into how to better profile what rules were taking 
how much time, or other specifics, I just rapidly backed things out so 
that my customers would get their e-mail again.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at Misty.com)
voice: 215-591-3695

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