[Mimedefang] Re: proposing a patch for URL listing in boilerplate

Vieri Di Paola vieridipaola at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 16:50:40 EST 2007

--- Yizhar Hurwitz <yizhar at mail.com> wrote:

> HI.
> Regarding the question about
> action_replace_with_url,
> see below how I do it - creating html clickable
> links inside the text
> All my modifications are in "mimedefang-filter" and
> not in mimedefang.pl.
> But I also agree and suggest that a more end-user
> friendly version of 
> action_replace_with_url will be available if
> possible,
> as I assume that many users of mimedefang will
> benefit from it.
> Note that I have copied action_replace_with_url from
> mimedefang.pl to 
> mimedefang-filter

Hi Yizhar,

Thanks for the code but in fact I had already seen it
(I believe it was a Dec 2006 post).
I used it for my own coding ;-).

I put up a quick Gentoo-specific guide at: 
(contributions are very welcome ;-) )

However, as you can see I need to "re-write" three
procedures that could very well be within

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