[Mimedefang] Altering mail attachment using Mime defang

Andy Lyttle mimedefang at phroggy.com
Fri Dec 21 02:14:50 EST 2007

> There is some policy and according to that if mail attachment contains
> ms word file , then i need to replace that ms word attchment with new
> ms word file.
> new ms word file= original word file contents+ some other contents
> according to the policy.
> so can you please give me some piece of code that can replace the mail
> attachment(ms word file) with newer attachment(new ms word file).

First, I have to ask, do you already have code that can take a Word  
document, append the additional content as stipulated by your company  
policy, and return a new Word document?  This sounds non-trivial, and  
it's not something we'll be able to help you with here.

~ Andy

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