[Mimedefang] Altering mail attachment using Mime defang

Renaud PASCAL renaud.pascal at atosorigin.com
Thu Dec 20 08:46:34 EST 2007

Le jeudi 20 décembre 2007 13:08, vinita batra a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am using the sendmail server.
>  Suppose  some userA sends the mail to  userB which contains some
>  attachment.
>  I want to download this attachment

 are you userA or userB ? If not you may have to check with your lawyers
on the possibilities and conditions for manipulating mail content.

>  and then want to send it to Windows 
>  Webserver

 How would the "Windows Webserver" receive this "separated attachment"?

>  for some modifications. 
>  After doing the modification I want to send the modified attachment to
>  Sendmail server so that the modified attachment is received to mail
>  recipient.

 How would the "Windows Webserver" "re-send" this "modified attachment"?

>  Please tell me how to download the attchement at sendmail

 use the proper tools, there are many, you could pass thru a procmail,
a milter, a subfunction in a milter (ex a proc in MD).

>  and how to 
>  send it to windows webserver.

 What you describe is either really fuzzy or (and) absolutly a mistake,
at least I can't find a single reason to do this like it is described.
 Now, I really think it is a problem of my english reading or your english
writing, probably the two of them ;-)

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