[Mimedefang] dnswl and relay_is_blacklisted() in Mimedefang sub_filter_relay

Marko Leer mleer at sp.nl
Fri Dec 14 08:11:10 EST 2007

Hello David,

Thanks for your reply; your suggestion does the trick!

In the mean time I've let my relay filter read the daily rsynced
IPnetblock-list from dnswl.org [combined with the mainly local
hosts from nlwhitelist.bit.nl] into an array.
This file is, after removing some data that I don't use for
validating, about 444 Kb and consists of some 23000 records.

This works incredibly fast - I guess this is the stuff Perl is made
for - but I was wondering if any of you from a performance and
resources point of view would prefer to make the actual
blacklisted_multi lookups to these whitelists.



DFS> Sorry, the mimedefang-filter man page is somewhat misleading.
DFS> relay_is_blacklisted returns whatever the Perl function
DFS> gethostbyname returns.  That function returns (probably) an
DFS> IPv4 in_addr structure, not a nice human-readable hostname.
DFS> You might need to "use Socket;" and make use of the inet_ntoa() function
DFS> to convert the return value to a human-readable IPv4 address.

DFS> Regards,

DFS> David.

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