[Mimedefang] Greylisting Code on Wiki

Paul Murphy pjm at ousekjarr.org
Wed Dec 12 16:55:06 EST 2007


> I cannot in good conscience use the frukt.org example filter without
> first reading through its 13000+ lines of code.  That's why 
> I'm looking
> for feedback on what other greylisting solutions people are using.  It
> looks like I may wind up rolling my own.

The version I'm using has 335 lines of code in a subsidiary file which I then
include in my own filter using "require", with maybe 50-60 lines in the
filter which references the routines in the included file.  The whole filter
example posted may be 13000 lines, but the greylisting code is nowhere near
that size - Jonas does all sorts of additional checks which are very well
documented in the file, but that level of commenting makes it huge, and maybe
90% of what he does is only relevant to his policies and particular mail

Mimedefang is wonderfully modular, if you make it so - if you have a single
large filter, it looks terrifying...

If its any help, I can post what I use, with highlights of where in the main
filter it gets referenced?


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