[Mimedefang] Unable to stream message / EX_UNAVAILABLE

Tim O'Donovan tim at icukhosting.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 06:58:11 EST 2007


We've been using mimedefang for a couple of years now and haven't
experienced this problem before, but over the passed week we have been
seeing frequent 'Unable to stream message' errors in the logs, and
subsequent message rejections. We're streaming by recipient and the
sendmail exit code translates to service unavailable - 17664.

Nothing has changed as far as the servers' configurations go, and the
server loads are nothing out of the ordinary. I understand that this is
a sendmail problem, but was just wondering if anyone had experienced
this before? EX_UNAVAILABLE covers a lot of ground...

Also, can action_tempfail be called in this context, rather than
action_bounce when this occurs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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