[Mimedefang] Timeout before data read

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Wed Dec 5 08:28:00 EST 2007

> Here's what's happening: Sendmail is timing out the call into milter
> after 4 minutes (the Read timeout: R:4m).  However, the Perl scanner
> is blissfully unaware of this and keeps working.

Thanks.  This explains what I was seeing perfectly.

> To avoid (or mitigate) this, you should set your MX_BUSY timeout (the
> argument to the "-b" option of mimedefang-multiplexor) to only
> slightly more than the R: or E: timeout in the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER line.
> That way, both Sendmail and MIMEDefang more-or-less agree on when it's
> appropriate to give up.

Thanks.  I set MX_BUSY to 250 seconds.

> Now, as to *why* it's taking 4 minutes to scan the message, that's a whole
> other mystery to explore.

Exactly.  4 minutes is absurd and these emails should not be taking that 

My next step was to add a bunch of md_syslog calls at various major 
"breakpoints" in the mimedefang-filter ala basic programming to get a log to 
help pinpoint what may or may not be the issue.

And, in case this is an email formatting issue that can be replicated, I've 
turned on -k which I believe will keep the queue dir in the event of the to 
error state so I can try and identify more of the surrounding details.

Wish me luck...


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