[Mimedefang] Extremely high mimedefang CPU usage issues...

Rick Mallett rmallett at ccs.carleton.ca
Sat Aug 25 12:50:16 EDT 2007

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007, Jason Z wrote:

> I've been using Sendmail + MIMEDefang + SpamAssassin on linux for
> about 6 years now and have never run into an issue like this until
> just yesterday.  I noticed that only SOME e-mails were sitting in my
> Outlook outbox and Outlook was reporting it was unable to connect to
> the SMTP server however the e-mail was actually being sent.  This
> resulted in it continually unknowingly sending the e-mail out to the
> intended recipient.  I looked on the mail server and the load average
> was hovering around 9.0 where it's usually at 0.3 at the highest.
> When i noticed this happening i upgraded all aspects of our mail
> server thinking i had encountered a bug... I upgraded to the latest
> SpamAssasin (3.2.3), the latest MIMEDefang (2.6.3) and the latest
> Sendmail (8.14.1) but the issue is still persistent.

I don't know if this is relevant, since you already had a problem
before upgrading, but I upgraded to 3.2.3 yesterday from 3.1.8 and the
load average jumped from 3 to over 20 in the space of about 10
minutes. I didn't have time to investigate so I quickly downloaded
3.1.9 and installed it and the load average went back down to 3.  I'm
running sendmail 8.13.4 and mimedefang 2.63 and the only thing I
upgraded was SpamAssassin so I'm pretty sure it was responsible for
the increased load.

- rick

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