[Mimedefang] Enlisting registrars in fighting phishing and other scams

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Wed Aug 22 13:05:00 EDT 2007

Jan-Pieter Cornet wrote:

> Another point is, as someone (RfG) on another mailinglist found out
> the hard way... if you "whois" every new domain that you see in email,
> even if you just run "whois" once for every domain, you are likely to
> hit query threshholds for whois services, and you are blacklisted as
> an abuser.

Also, there's a trivial way around this.  Register all your 1000 domains
on the same day.  Wait a couple of weeks.  Then start using them.

What you really want to penalize is mail from a domain that has only
been spotted sending mail recently.  That, however, is very hard
to measure.



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