[Mimedefang] Rejecting mail only for non-authenticated users?

Ron Wilhoite ronw at bals.org
Tue Aug 21 06:18:31 EDT 2007

On 08/21/2007 04:54 AM Andy Lyttle wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got some great custom rules developed to reject messages based on 
> the sender's IP address (or reverse DNS hostname).  I put these in 
> filter_relay, and they're working great.  But then I realized...  I use 
> the same server to handle incoming e-mail from other servers on port 25, 
> and authenticated e-mail from my users on port 587 (sent with encryption 
> and authentication).  If one of my users happens to be connecting from 
> an IP address I don't want to accept spam from, how can I determine 
> whether I'm dealing with an authenticated user or not?
> I'm assuming this can't be done from filter_relay, but I'd be happy to 
> move the code to filter_recipient if I can do it from there.  The 
> important thing is that I want to reject the connection before receiving 
> the DATA.

I have this in filter_sender before various helo checks and hostname 
checks, faked country name checks, etc., for the reason you mentioned - 
roaming users:

     if ($SendmailMacros{'auth_authen'}) {
         return ('CONTINUE', 'ok');

Ron Wilhoite

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