[Mimedefang] Re: Compiling MD under Solaris 10

Sam Kalet skalet at conectiv.com
Tue Aug 14 13:39:40 EDT 2007

> I have been playing around with Solaris 10 and was
> thinking about testing mail services in a zone.

I do this in our environment.  We run a bunch of Solaris boxes as production
relays and I simulate key components of the production environment for testing
in zones on one physical box.

> What I would like to know from any of the MD/Solaris users
> is whether you used Sun tools to compile MD or did you
> use the ancient version of gcc that came with Solaris.

Neither - I used gcc and perl from sunfreeware.com

> What type of problems did you have doing this.

None, really.  Especially with perl, by using a separate install, you isolate
yourself from changes to the Solaris-bundled perl when patching the system, if
that is a problem in your environment.  It also eases transitions between
Solaris releases as you can continue to use the same perl intepreter and not
have to fight perl module incompatiblity problems.



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