[Mimedefang] documents in JPG

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at xl.wp.pl
Mon Aug 6 11:48:26 EDT 2007

Ben Kamen wrote:
> Have you guys noticed a trend is companies that want to sent out docs in
> JPG instead of PDF??
> I imagine it might be to thwarte the PDF problem of late... but yeesh...
> But honestly, I don't know if it's planned or just becase JPG is the
> first option in their scanner software and most people don't know any
> better.
> What is this world coming to?
> We're doooooomed. Dooooooooomed.

Feel free to promote MUA-MUA encryption :-)
Free tools and standards are ready and available.

It should allow `in between MTA' check only *KEY* used to encrypt the

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