[Mimedefang] What is the best/fastest/easiest way to use greylisting?

mike campbell mike.campbell at oracle.com
Wed Aug 1 11:36:01 EDT 2007

Would you believe that I actually started looking at milter-greylist 
initially but realized it was another milter in sendmail and thought it 
might be better to combine greylisting into MD since that would only be 
1 milter to be involved. Perhaps I was right on my first approach!!

One thing I don't see to be able to get to work is subnetmatch. I have 
tried to define "subnetmatch /24" but in my greylist.db I see something 
like this:

148.87.xxx.yyy  <mike.campbell at domain.com>      
<mikecampbell at domain.org>   1185982451 # 2007-08-01 10:34:11

And when I send another email (after the initial delay) then if it comes 
from a different IP address then it too is greylisted. So, does the /24 
change the way that the entries show up in the greylist.db file to 
exclude the last octet?

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