[Mimedefang] check your filter rules

Paul Houselander housey at sme-ecom.co.uk
Wed Aug 29 10:20:17 EDT 2007


Ive been using this script
http://www.mimedefang.org/kwiki/index.cgi?RecipientCheckBDBCache to block
unknown recipients.

Its working really well except from time to time im having slaves die on me,
heres an extract from my log

Aug 29 14:53:12 rome mimedefang-multiplexor[16305]: Slave 2 stderr: uu
decoding: no begin found
Aug 29 14:53:12 rome mimedefang.pl[19638]: Clearing handles.
Aug 29 14:53:12 rome mimedefang.pl[19638]: bye bye.

When they die its pretty much always the same error.

I think the error is from here

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what causes it and whether
its anything to worry about?

Kind Regards


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