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Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 10:57 AM -0700
From: Esther Schindler <esther at bitranch.com>
Subject: My ABCs of Email (part 1) is published

As you'll soon see, it was impossible to do an ABCs of Email that  covered
both technology and people issues. So I've split these into  two articles.
I'll do the "POP vs IMAP" stuff separately... as soon  as I recover from
this one.

I tried to make this document the one you print out and slap on an  exec's
desk when they do something totally dumb. (This way it's not  YOU saying
they were clueless.) Feel free to link to it anywhere you like... I'm
such a slut for pageviews.

Comments and corrections are welcome, particularly if they also  include
praise. :-)

ABC: An Introduction to E-mail Management

Helping nontechnical managers calibrate expectations, learn the key  issues
in e-mail management and identify issues in setting corporate  e-mail
http://www.cio.com/article/128450/ ABC_An_Introduction_to_E_mail_Management

Esther Schindler
senior online editor, CIO.com

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