[Mimedefang] Modifying Headers Before Milter Does

Roberto Ullfig rullfig at uic.edu
Mon Aug 6 12:35:12 EDT 2007

The way I understand it, calls such as action_change_header make a note 
for Milter so the header is not actually changed until after mimedefang 
completes. I'm running clamav followed by spamassassin (both from within 
mimedefang) and I want to have the clamav result set a header for 
spamassassin to use in its rules. Right now, I'm writing this header 
directly to the HEADERS file. It appears that spamassassin is supposed 
to use this file.

            open(HEADERS, ">>HEADERS");
            print HEADERS "X-ClamAV: Virus $VirusName\n";
            close HEADERS;

It's not working (though this might be a spamassassin issue - still 
investigating). Is what I'm doing sane?


Roberto Ullfig - rullfig at uic.edu

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