[Mimedefang] Exchange2AccessPaged help?

Kimmo Jaskari kimmo.jaskari at eget.fi
Wed Aug 1 07:19:33 EDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-07-31 at 13:27 -0400, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:

> > No in your email.  Here's the MS KB Article:
> > http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823866/en-us I mentioned.  This technote
> > covers Excahnge 2003, but other technotes mentioning Exchange 2000 refer
> > to this one.
> That's the same technote that is mentioned in the link I gave which is just 
> a simplified version of that technote that removes irrelevant stuff.
> http://www.peregrinehw.com/downloads/ldap/NOTE-EXCHANGE2003

I appreciate the input, and I have looked at those scripts. They
essentially do what the Exchange2AccessPaged does (or it does what they
do, not sure which came first), but the latter does it in one script
very neatly. Also, the latter almost works for me...


I had issues with getting the scripts at peregrinehw.com to work for me
on Solaris, though; I did check the INSTALL bit and made sure I had the
dependencies installed for Perl but the export script still choked,
either complaining about the username/password combo or apparently
running for a fast second but producing no output whatsoever. Again, the
cut and paste school for Perl programming didn't cover that. ;)

The main thing I was wondering though was if anyone had any ideas about
what could be causing this to happen in the middle of generating the
access file with Exchange2AccessPaged:

Can't locate object method "get_value" via package
"Net::LDAP::Reference" at ./Exchange2AccessPaged line 235.

I'd ask the person who wrote Exchange2AccessPaged for input - but there
is no info about who wrote it that I could find, thus asking here. 

> This recipient filtering is not possible with Exchange 2000 to my knowledge 
> though you can probably spend a lot of time and get it to work with some 
> sort of scripting language.  Easier to use LDAP and a front-end box IMO, 
> though.

Yeah, we're still at version 2000 AFAIK, and I would prefer the "fetch
users and add to the access db for sendmail" approach anyway as that
would be a more "standalone" solution. It would put whatever load that
creates squarely on the sendmail boxes without in any way talking to the
Exchange part of our mail equation, as well, except for some LDAP
queries periodically. Very neat and elegant, IMHO.

If I could only make the script behave... 


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