[Mimedefang] What is the best/fastest/easiest way to use greylisting?

Simon Standley si at yacc.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 09:22:07 EDT 2007

Y'know, I thought I should have explained this as soon as I hit send :)

Of course - you're right about blocking at the MTA. That would work too, and would almost certainly be more efficient.

The reason we use the milter is that we've tweaked it not to bounce until after the 'Rcpt To:' phase, since we're interested in knowing which addresses bots are targeting, etc. We weren't able to get this info from Sendmail, even with 'delay_checks'.

The zen list is great too ... we check that through SpamAssassin, along with a whole bunch more (which arguably gives a bit of overlap with CBL, but since we cache locally, no real harm done). Reason we chose CBL was that it was fairly well focused and unambiguous re- what it was trying to tell the world. Despite what I said in my last note, we do worry about FPs, and figured CBL was best compromise between collecting FPs, and doing nothing at all.

Hope that's all a tad clearer


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>On 8/1/2007 13:36, Simon Standley wrote:
>> I've just started front-ending greylisting with a really cut down
>> version of smf-zombie (from same location mentioned above),
>> configured to block all IPs on CBL list.
>Why not utilize RBLs in the MTA before you even get to milter?
>BTW, you might want to check out the zen spamhaus list


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