[Mimedefang] What is the best/fastest/easiest way to use greylisting?

Simon Standley si at yacc.co.uk
Wed Aug 1 13:36:15 EDT 2007

I've had a lot of success with smf-grey, which you can get from http://smfs.sourceforge.net/. It has a few drawbacks, (like not sharing greylist database between MTAs), but I reckon its 'fire & forget' simplicity more than makes up for that.

Be careful if your chosen grey-list milter tempfails at 'rcpt to:' phase of delivery, since it appears that some versions of M$ exchange don't handle this too well (see archives of this list for more info).

One other thing that may help someone ...

I've just started front-ending greylisting with a really cut down version of smf-zombie (from same location mentioned above), configured to block all IPs on CBL list. I know a lot of folks will hurl at the idea of blocking on a single condition, and probably rightly so in *their* context, but it off-loads so much crud from mimedefang/clam/spamassassin that follows, its worth the risk.

smf-grey and the cut-down smf-zombie combined typically block 80%++ of rubbish thrown at me, which may be below some of the claims I've seen, but certainly worth the effort from my PoV.

Besta luck!


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