[Mimedefang] Reusing a mimedefang-filter

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Wed Aug 1 13:12:20 EDT 2007

Lisa Casey wrote:
> I have been using mimedefang 2.48 (old, I know) on Redhat 7.2. I 
> installed Mimedefang 2.61 from ports on FreeBSD. On the Redhat box, I 
> have made several changes to my mimedefang-filter. Rather than trying to 
> recreate these anew, could I just copy my mimedefang-filter from the 
> redhat box to the FreeBSD box? Can Mimedefang 2.61 use a 
> mimedefang-filter file from mimedefang 2.48?

You could *probably* do this without error - but check through the 
changelog for NOTE INCOMPATIBLE warnings.  IIRC there are a few things 
that changed incompatibly somewhere in that range.

You also tend to miss out on new features in the new default 
mimedefang-filter;  I usually at least scan through quickly side-by-side 
with my existing filter and see what's new, and compare that with what I 
changed myself.


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